The Wing

The Wing

The Wing is a co-working and community space for women, with locations in New York City, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Los Angeles– and more on the way.

The Problem

The Wing’s web experience allowed members to RSVP for events, network with other members, and consume brand-driven content. But this experience wasn’t intuitive, leaving many features unused or poorly implemented– and everything was built on a digital platform that couldn’t accommodate the company’s recent exponential growth.

As we partnered with The Wing to understand their technical standing and user experience, the research team uncovered several areas of disconnect. Members often rushed to RSVP for the high quality events when they were announced, but would often have to back out events last minute as schedules changed causing some events with long waitlists to have less-than-full capacity. And despite the fact that most users reported wanting more ways to connect with other members, very few of them completed their user profiles and were able to reach out and easily connect with users in the digital members space. Already understanding the technical difficulties and inability to scale with their goals, we knew a revamped technical architecture would be needed.  

After helping The Wing build an initial prototype to raise their Series A round of funding, we were able to truly develop a robust MVP (minimum viable product) that was built on a strong UX Research base with a robust product roadmap for how we’d engineer the desired feature sets.

The Goals

  • Build a digital experience for The Wing members that encourages them to maximize the full value of the network
  • Grow the number of members interacting within the digital membership experience
  • Improve the user on-boarding experience so that there was a strong digital user base
  • Increase the conversion rate of people RSVPing for an event to actually attending
Empower Through Connection

How Prolific Partnered with The Wing

Together with The Wing’s growing leadership team, Prolific set out to understand more about The Wing’s user base. They wanted to know how these users were engaging with the app already, and create a clear prototype of an optimal customer journey before building a roadmap to this ideal. We embedded with their team and began to help them form a hiring plan for developing a long-term technical practice in-house.

Helping Members Connect

In Prolific’s interviews at The Wing, many members reported wanting a way to find like-minded users, and initiate connections for further conversation. While the community team was doing a great job at fostering 1:1 connections, the mechanics of connecting with someone could be a little tricky. Through the app, our team was able to reduce the friction of actually reaching out.

The Wing Happenings Image

We found that the first step in forming a digital connection was a robust user profile. Many users weren’t filling out their profiles because they didn’t have to, and because others hadn’t filled theirs out, either. We needed to ensure that user on-boarding was engaging and that updating a profile was easy. After users were able to build out their profiles, The Wing was able to utilize the interests and skills indicated by members to improve the suggestions that helped members connect with each other.

Finally, “Happenings” (or events) are at the heart of how The Wing operates and helps users connect. By bringing in high-profile speakers like Hillary Clinton, like-minded members meet in shared spaces. To help The Wing scale with their increasing membership base, we partnered with the events team to rethink how events were announced, improve the RSVP process, and enable direct follow-up to reduce attrition at each event.

The Results So Far

Beyond the qualitative experience of a newly-designed app with an improved onboarding flow, event booking, and a recommendation engine, The Wing has started to see strong quantitative data in under 8 weeks since launch.

Regarding the goal of improved member engagement, the team has seen the following:

  • Over 60% of members have installed the iOS app and spend significantly more time on the app compared to mobile web
  • The Daily Active User count is approximately 20% of all users
  • 47% of all users have used the app on a weekly basis
  • And over 90% of people who have downloaded the app have finished the on-boarding process

Regarding the goal of improved event conversion– getting people who RSVP for events to actually attend them– we’ve seen a 36% lift in conversions.

The Wing is well on its way to growing, connecting, and engaging with their members digitally. Their tech is in the best place it’s ever been, and the product helps users connect with The Wing and each other. The Wing’s app addresses current company pain points, but also supports the business’ long-term goals.

What’s next? We’re exploring how messaging within the app can foster a better sense of community.