GRO for iOS and Android was created to lower the barrier for beginning gardeners who want to learn about lawn and garden but didn’t know where to start.

A Focus on Presentation

GRO’s initial release featured an illustrative style that didn’t help customers explicitly identify plants or generate excitement around gardening. The marketing voice had personality but overpowered the instruction.

We re-imagined tone, style, and presentation to make the app accessible — especially to novice gardeners who need help getting started — while also providing seasonal ideas to more experienced gardeners.

Phone Frame

Simple & Aspirational Content

Taking inspiration from short, results-driven recipe videos, we directed a series of video tutorials to make lessons visual and educational.

We captured footage for dozens of projects and plants, working with horticulturalists and copywriters to rework the instructional copy, focusing on lessons that made it easy to get started and see success.
Filming video tutorials in Atlanta
Filming video tutorials in Atlanta

Smarter, Personalized

Gardeners (and would-be gardeners) often have both specific needs and obstacles. These may include interests, space, cost and time. To personalize GRO, we simplified and standardized the projects while designing the onboarding to capture users’ preferences quickly.

Connecting the Dots

We’re continuing to partner with Scotts to bring Lawn, Garden, and connected devices together into a powerful, unified experience.