Jet launched in July 2015 and quickly became one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the U.S., offering an assortment of products from camera lenses to cereal bars to household essentials. The more items you add to your cart, the more savings you unlock — “Prices drop as you shop.”

Jet had an intriguing, unprecedented business model, a lean mentality, and an expanding digital presence. As they continued to grow, they knew that a user-centered design process and a sustainable strategy around mobile were critical to success. Prolific came in to help establish this foundation for the mobile team.

Research, Research, Research

To kick things off, we listened and learned. We met with product managers, UX designers, and leadership to get the full perspective of values, pain points, perceived opportunities, and definition of success.

We led the Jet team through an ideation workshop to surface assumptions that we could test. We conducted 20+ in-depth customer interviews in Jet’s UX lab; focusing on their motivations, mobile activities, and shopping behavior. We built personas and journeys from our findings and coupled those with market research and competitive analysis.

Armed with our exhaustive findings, we worked closely with Jet to develop a strong point of view and next steps.

At the end of six weeks, we provided Jet with:

  • Mobile personas and journeys that the team could rally around, building empathy for the mobile user across the organization.
  • A mobile experience strategy around mobile web, apps, and emerging technological opportunities to align all mobile stakeholders on a common path.
  • A tactical plan with tangible next steps for relevant workstreams, a recommended team structure, and a 12-month roadmap to achieve strategic goals.

With this powerful toolset, Jet is able to elevate their mobile experience in the short term and is equipped with a framework for product decision-making well into the future.