The CrossFit Games

The CrossFit Games

The fitness giant’s grueling competition to find “the Fittest on Earth” engages their audience with an app that turns spectators into competitors.

The Problem

CrossFit needed a better way for athletes and spectators to interact with their annual international fitness competition. They wanted users to have an all-access pass to the CrossFit Games and feel involved in the events themselves.

The Goals

  • Engage users before, during, and after the Games
  • Create an intuitive experience for users to track their fitness progress
  • Build an infrastructure that allows users to see how they rank on personalized local and international leaderboards in real time

Photo credit: Heather Prime & Phil Lee

How Prolific Partnered with CrossFit

The stated goal of the project was to create an MVP app experience in four months for the CrossFit Games competition, starting with their community event – the CrossFit Open. The Prolific team kicked things off by conducting stakeholder interviews and design workshops that allowed us to take the pulse of the business and establish pain points and focus areas. We learned that athletes wanted a way to see themselves in the Games – to feel like they were a part of the action. This guided our planning.

Athletes reported using the Games to compare their achievements against previous years’, which usually meant scrolling through hundreds of pages of rankings and making calculations by hand. Our team’s first mission was to build a personalized dashboard so users could see this information immediately, and compare their progress to other athletes in their area and across the globe.

Photo credit: Heather Prime & Phil Lee

Next, we created an athlete profile feature so users could store their workout information and search for the achievements of others.

We also revamped the login process, built a dashboard for athletes to quickly and easily see upcoming workouts, created a feature for sharing workout stats, and enabled users to link out to relevant social content. This all helps immerse athletes in the games and feel like a part of the action.

Photo credit: Heather Prime & Phil Lee

The Results

The results have been phenomenal. Between January 30th and March 30th, there were 468K active users and 335K new downloads, which is equivalent to 81% of the Open’s registered user base. (Note that there was an iOS app introduced two years earlier.) There were 436K MAUs, 315K WAUs, and 247K DAUs on average during the Open, and a 71% 5-week retention rate on iOS.

We’re excited to see where CrossFit is able to grow with their app.