is the largest online-only home improvement retailer. With no brick and mortar locations, their customers wanted the ability to “touch and feel” products before making a purchase.

With the launch of Apple’s ARKit for iOS11, partnered with Prolific to bridge this gap through a new augmented reality experience, “In-Home Preview.”

It was important that the “In-Home Preview” experience provided practical, usable information for customers. Each product has incredibly detailed, to-scale 3D models that can be interacted with in their existing environment.

From turning on light fixtures, to adjusting a faucet, customers can understand exactly how the product will function in their space. Users can switch between various finishes of the product, and view related products, directly within “In-Home Preview.”

While other home improvement retailers have dabbled in augmented reality, Prolific and partnered to use ARKit to offer the most precise and accurate modified reality interactions in eCommerce today. By incorporating this experience directly in’s iOS App, customers are able to easily access the “In-Home Preview” experience from their phones to make informed purchasing decisions even easier.

The Results – A Year Later

  • There are over 650 products and 1,700 SKUs maximizing Augmented Reality.
  • Approximately 5,000 shoppers use the augmented reality feature each month.
  • Customers using the augmented reality function have a lower likelihood to return items than those who didn’t use the tool and bought the same product – boasting a 22% lower return rate.
  • Shoppers who use AR are – on average – 2x more likely to return to the site or app than non-AR shoppers. What’s more, the average session is nearly one minute longer for AR shoppers than non-AR shoppers.
  • Finally, the customers using the feature are’s highest lifetime value customer and have the highest average order value.