A Prolific Release: American Express OPEN Forum

A Prolific Release: American Express OPEN Forum

The OPEN Forum mobile app from American Express is a networking tool for business owners that allows you to connect with each other and discover great events.

Amex Open Forum

While relationships are what build your business, it can be tough to create new ones. Existing social apps out there for business owners are muddled with recruitment offerings, full of paid-premium spots, and crowded with noise and spam. The OPEN Forum app strips all that away, so users can spark meaningful conversations with people in their industry and find others with specific skill sets. It’s the quality of relationships that matter, and OPEN Forum helps you make more of them faster.

But that’s only half of it.

The OPEN Forum app also unlocks networking opportunities. Discover new conferences, trade shows, and meetups. Already know where you want to go? The app connects you to other attendees ahead of time so you can make the most of the event.

Product Highlights

Create a profile that reflects you and your business
Discover relevant events and people to kickstart new relationships
Join event attendee lists in advance and connect with other people going
Quickly add events to your calendar and share with others from the app
Drill down with filters to find people based on industry, location, and/or specialties
Chat one-on-one with other business owners with in-app messaging
Receive event alerts, connection requests, and messages with iOS 10 expanded notifications
Log in quickly with Touch ID