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Prolific is proud to partner with iOSoho, New York City’s largest iOS Engineer Meetup. Watch the latest talks right here.

React Native for iOS Developers

Orta Therox, Software Engineer at Artsy

Hosted at OkCupid


Artsy has been doing React Native for two years. This talk explores how this has made a cultural impact and shaped Artsy’s thinking.

Command Pattern and UICollectionView

Julian Tejera-Frias, iOS Engineer at OkCupid

Hosted at OkCupid


OkCupid has a highly dynamic UI powered by UICollectionView. In this talk, the OOP classic Command Pattern commands the spotlight in order to create clean, succinct code to manage your collection views.

Return of the KVO, Revenge of the Key Path

Skye Freeman, iOS Engineer at Venmo

Hosted at Meetup


iOS 11 and Swift 4 together brought about the addition of a new block-based syntax for key-value observing. This talk deconstructs KVO’s new syntax and compares it to what was there previously. Along the way, we dive deep on Swift’s new key path syntax—Swift 4’s hidden superstar.

How to Become a Better iOS Developer Through Philosophy

Vadim Komisarchik, Senior iOS Engineer at Freshly

Hosted at Meetup


This talk takes a look at how stoic philosophy can be used to become better iOS developers. The presentation introduces stoicism as a philosophy to people who are not familiar with it and shifts into a more technical implementation using the lessons learned from the greatest stoics throughout history.

Using Realm to build a globally scaling iOS application

Tim Specht, CTO at Dubsmash

Hosted at Braze


Dubsmash has been using Realm as the core data storage layer for its mobile applications since day one. This talk gives an in-depth introduction to Realm and how Dubsmash is using the various features, including live-updating objects, update notifications and advanced configurations.

Exploring the JavaScriptCore <-> Objective-C Interop Layer

Dan Zimmerman, iOS Engineer at Facebook

Hosted at iHeartRadio


This talk explores how objects are mapped over from Objective-C to JavaScriptCore and vice versa. The talk starts with exploring the primitives of how to interact with JavaScriptCore and build up to full on using an objective-c object in javascript.

Reacting to Change: Bringing React Native to your Apps

Nate Kirby, Android and iOS developer at Genius

Hosted at iHeartRadio


The promise of “learn once, write anywhere” sounds alluring, and reactive programming is all the rage, but what does it mean to bring React Native to existing mobile applications? This talk takes a look at how and why Genius seamlessly integrated React Native into both of it’s mobile applications, and what happens when the worlds of Cocoa and Javascript collide.

Long Lasting iOS Projects

Julián Gutiérrez, Software Engineer at EachScape

Hosted at Genius


While we all love to speak about Swift 3+, Reactive code and all the new shiny stuff out there, we also need to think on what makes a project last. This talk explores experiences developing single app projects vs a mobile platform with a 5 year old codebase. What made it survive and what mistakes were made that can be considered for even your own project! It also talks about how to make consistent and fast builds.

WWDC 2017 Build and Run

Mike Sanderson, Lead iOS Engineer at Raden

Hosted at Vimeo


This presentation presents the results of first attempts to use some new APIs. Based on early reports and firsthand attempts to use new techniques in real-world environments, he explores any hidden pitfalls, surprising catches, or unmentioned benefits.