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Prolific is proud to partner with iOSoho, New York City’s largest iOS Engineer Meetup. Watch the latest talks right here.

An Augmented Reality Platform for The New York Times

David Stolarsky, Senior Software Engineer at The New York Times

Hosted at Prolific Interactive


The New York Times is known for pushing the boundaries of web publishing. Data visualization, animation, and interactivity built through HTML, CSS, and JavaScript expertise are the norm. But when it came time to publish Augmented Reality content, powered by native ARKit and ARCore APIs, a bridge to the web was required. This is the story of that bridge.

A Journey Through React Native (and Back Again)

Max Mamis, iOS engineer at Grailed
Alex Emmanuel, Android Engineer at Grailed

Hosted at Prolific Interactive


In this talk Max and Alex discuss their experience as native mobile engineers building a new app in React Native, including their reasons for choosing the platform, the architecture they used, and the impact it’s had on their product. They share successes and difficulties, and ultimately their perspective on whether React Native would be a good fit for your project.

Playground-based Development

David Cilia, Engineering Manager at Spotify

Hosted at Spotify


Learn how to use Playgrounds effectively in your development workflows, including your production apps! David is an Engineering Manager who works with Spotify to create the best user experiences for users on Spotify’s free tier.

RxSwift in Practice

Dalton Claybrook, Senior Software Engineer at Peloton

Hosted at Spotify


Everyone seems to be talking about RxSwift these days, and for good reason. Many are intrigued by the promise of functional, declarative, and stateless code. But what does this look like in practice? In this talk, we’ll approach the problem from an unusual direction: we’ll first look at production Rx code, break it down into small, easy-to-digest components, then talk about the benefits of the Rx approach to programming.

SOLID Uses for Child View Controllers

Andrew Copp, Software Engineer at Radar

Hosted at Venmo


People have jokingly referred to MVC as “Massive View Controller” because of how quickly a view controller can become bloated with responsibility. While many people have explored stretching responsibility out with architectures such as MVVM and VIPER, there is always the option of using more view controllers with less individual responsibility. Come explore how child view controllers can be used to help with layouts, data syncing, and in-app notifications among other things.

Reactive Architecture

Dan Leonardis, Director of Android Engineering at Viacom

Hosted at Venmo


Reactive architecture, also known as MVI, is a port of REDUX from the web. It allows apps to be built 100% in RX while updating the UI model synchronously through one stream. It is cross-platform and builds upon the common architectural patterns of MVVM. Dan has released multiple apps for both iOS and Android platforms and he loves to talk about architecture for clean, scalable, and reliable applications.

Crafting Space to Be Ourselves

Jasdev Singh, Senior iOS Engineer at Peloton

Hosted at Peloton


High-functioning engineering teams support a culture that allows teammates to comfortably pose questions, ask for help, be their true selves, and feel welcome. Jasdev explores the more nuanced ways Peloton has fostered this sort of culture —from interviewing, to code review practices, to making sure their source is welcoming to current and future engineers.

Design Patterns in Swift

Jay Strawn, Product Lead / Senior iOS Developer at Virtz

Hosted at Peloton


Published author Jay Strawn gives a talk about design patterns in Swift. He discusses best practices for organizing an app, with examples of beginner and advanced patterns. If you want to spend more time writing code than fixing bugs or trying to remember how your project is laid out, design patterns are a must!

Flutter for Native Mobile Developers

Martin Rybak, NYC Flutter Meetup Organizer

Hosted at Genius


You’ve probably heard about Flutter, Google’s new cross-platform mobile app development toolkit. In this talk, Martin summarizes what Flutter is, how it works, and what makes it unique. He then shows some examples of Flutter app code and considers why you might use it in your next project.