MAU 2019: Behind the Scenes with Prolific
Lauren Doherty
Lauren Doherty

MAU 2019: Behind the Scenes with Prolific

Lauren Doherty, Marketing Manager

The Las Vegas dust has settled and we are finally back from MAU 2019! Under the hot desert sun and bright casino lights, over 2,500 leaders from the industry’s top brands came together for two full days of learning and relationship-building. From panel discussions to keynotes, breakout sessions to workshops, mobile experts shared ideas and learned from each other.

If you couldn’t make it to Vegas this year, don’t worry – the Prolific team has got you covered! Even after a busy week of hosting workshops and leading panels, we’ve still got some juice left to tell you all about the best sessions and the trends from this year’s event.

Prolific Partners at MAU

Cross-Channel Personalization with Starz and Leanplum

As Brian mentioned in his pre-MAU blog, two Prolific partners  — STARZ and Leanplum — took the stage on day one to discuss how the international entertainment titan found a way to effectively launch cross-channel personalization and helped users find their next binge-worthy obsession.

People-Based Attribution: Connecting the Dots Between Customer Touchpoints

“To understand the full potential of what attribution data is powering, you have to start from the beginning.”

AppsFlyer (another Prolific partner!) President and General Manager, Brian Quinn, spoke about the importance of breaking down data silos and connecting the dots between users and experiences. As most marketers know, user journeys are not linear — they happen across multiple channels, devices, and platforms. Attribution data provides unified access to complex data collected from every touchpoint along the user journey so your team can reach and engage with users in personalized, meaningful interactions.

Your Acquisition and Retention Funnel is as Strong as Your Weakest Link

“A sign you have become an acquisition addict is that you start paying for users you’d have gotten anyway.”

Sigal Bareket, Senior Director of Growth Marketing at Lyft, showed us the two major signs of being a UA addict: Low rates of organic growth and an increase in early lifecycle churn. Sigal spoke about Lyft’s approach to effectively acquiring and retaining users by leveraging data, implementing the right tools, building campaigns focused around their high-value users and use cases.

Prolific Presence at MAU

Onstage we had Prolific’s very own VP of Growth, Al Harnisch, speaking on a panel led by Dan Stephen from Amplitude, which also included Marilyn McDonald from Stubhub and Cori Shearer from Quizlet. The conversation focused on how they maximize insights gained from analytics to impact acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Prolific Director of Growth Services, Rebecca Nackson, also took part in a panel discussion with the VP of Growth at Braze, Spencer Burke, and Senior Director of Mobile Product at Ebates, Amol Sogal. They spoke about how missteps can be fortuitous — a chance to learn something new or question accepted beliefs. Leveraging the capabilities of today’s tools to test, measure, and iterate can be risky — or it can be your next big marketing campaign.

Prolific Workshops

Offstage we were fortunate to co-host real-time growth and product workshops with some of our amazing partners. During our Growth Stack workshop, Prolific Senior Growth Manager Mel Flores, Dan Stephen from Amplitude, and Will Crocker from Braze unwrapped how to maximize the value of the products across a best-in-class mobile growth stack. They ran through a live simulation of driving insight and turning it into immediate action.

During our second workshop (co-hosted with Mixpanel) Dina Chaiffetz, Director of Product Strategy at Prolific, spoke about leveraging the research and principles of consumer psychology and behavioral economics to gain deeper insight into how your customers think, what motivates them, and why they decide to buy. After that, Gil Sadis, VP of Product at Lemonade, joined Dina to discuss the research behind commonly-applied product components like progress bars, and how companies from Duolingo to Foursquare have applied these principles to drive key metrics.The Prolific team was thrilled to take part in amazing conversations both onstage and off. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our workshops, panels, and events, and a very special shoutout to our wonderful co-hosts and partners for another successful MAU!

Didn’t get to connect with us at MAU? Don’t worry — you can talk with us about all things mobile and growth here: