Prolific Growth: The More You Know, The More You Grow
Lauren Doherty
Lauren Doherty

Prolific Growth: The More You Know, The More You Grow

Lauren Doherty, Marketing Manager

As digital continues to evolve, brands are shifting their focus from building new apps to improving their existing apps. And while it’s important to have a beautiful product with useful features, it’s critical that the app is intuitive and one that customers love to use. User engagement and retention is everything these days.

Most agencies and consultants are still focused on product builds, but Prolific has expanded our reach with Prolific Growth, a team focused solely on helping brands maximize the value of their existing apps. We do this by implementing a best-in-class growth stack.

What is a growth stack and why does it matter?

A growth stack is an ecosystem of tools that helps marketing and product teams build a more customized experience for users. A growth stack typically includes a Customer Data Platform (CDP), product analytics, automated marketing, attribution, and deep linking. In short, it’s the key to building the personalized experiences your users want.

Your growth stack becomes a central source of truth, collecting data from multiple channels and housing it in one place to create a robust customer profile. Leveraging this data and syncing the proper tools within your stack allows you to target users in real-time across multiple platforms, with personalized marketing campaigns and in-app experiences.

When building a growth stack we like to focus on implementing these four tools early on:

Customer Data Platform

CDPs are the data-first edge that allows marketers to build superior customer experiences that drive growth. It’s the heart of the stack that seamlessly integrates cross-channel customer data on a single platform and creates a holistic, 360° customer profile. Some CDPs that we work with, like mParticle and Segment, have tools that allow marketers to strategically define audience segments, sync these segments across other systems, then orchestrate multi-channel targeted campaigns.

Automated Marketing

The key to sustainable mobile growth goes far beyond CDP integrations and acquiring new users, it’s about engaging those users with meaningful experiences. Leveraging user data from a CDP gives marketers the power to anticipate customer needs and provide them with immediate value. From in-app messaging to push notifications and email marketing, using an Automated Marketing tool like Braze or Leanplum, helps you reach users with relevant and valuable content exactly when they need it.

Attribution & Deep Linking

Customer journeys are not linear, they happen across multiple channels and platforms. Integrating a tool for attribution and deep linking like Branch or Appsflyer, is key to a smart growth stack because it is tightly connected with your CDP as it serves as a two-way sync of data tied to device and the user. This process helps marketers understand how they acquired new users and measure ROI of app download and re-engagement campaigns.

Reporting & Product Analytics

Having proper reporting and product analytics in your stack unlocks the potential of your marketing and product teams. Using an analytics platform like Amplitude or Mixpanel makes complex analysis across multiple data sets accessible on a dashboard that displays key data points for quick and easy consumption for both teams. Having this tool in place serves as a lens to ensure everything drives positive impact on KPI’s and the bottom line.

Your Partner in Mobile Growth

From strategic planning to managed services, our Growth team helps brands unlock the full potential of their mobile products. By integrating a finely-tuned growth stack, establishing a holistic view of the customer base and identifying key performance indicators (KPI), we transform the way companies engage with their users.

Our hands-on experience with best-in-class mobile data and marketing tools give us strategic insight into advising brands on selecting, integrating and leveraging each tool to create a comprehensive growth stack. This knowledge helps us build a practical roadmap for our partners to achieve sustainable results and meet their goals.

Below are some of our partners in the growth stack: Partners in the Growth Stack

Why Prolific for Growth?

If you’re interested in driving user engagement and hiking retention numbers, Prolific Growth can get you there. Prolific is a product agency, we’re experienced technical and product people so we know what’s going on under the hood and what it takes to engineer something that truly works. We ensure that all teams are not only aligned with each other, but with the data and tools as well. Building bridges between teams across the growth stack encourages cross-team collaboration because we know success doesn’t happen in silos.The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Stay tuned for the next four articles in our, “The More You Know, The More You Grow” Series, where we’ll be taking a deep dive into the initial aspects of a best-in-class growth stack.

To learn more about Prolific Growth or to get in touch with our Growth Team, email We’d love to talk about what growth can look like for you.