March Mobile
Advertising Round Up
David Reyneke
David Reyneke

March Mobile
Advertising Round Up

David Reyneke, Senior Product Strategist

The end of March brought a number of exciting updates for mobile marketers. In this round up, I’ve gathered the information you need to know to take advantage of these new updates.

Facebook Introduced A New Ad Format Called Collections

Without a doubt, Facebook is paving the way in mobile advertising. On their quest to deliver the most personalized experience in mobile for both the user and the publisher, they’ve released a new format, Collections, to piggyback off the success they’ve seen with Dynamic Ads and Canvas.

Collections is an ode to retailers, allowing for much more space to encourage product exploration and discovery. Leading with a large video or image, the new ad format makes room for four product listings underneath — potentially to showcase the exact products that were spotlighted in the video advertisement. By tapping into the ad, users can view a collection of up to 50 products on Facebook, which can then link out to an advertiser’s website or app for final conversion.

Facebook also mentioned it will increase the complexity of the tracking around this ad format, as they will allow users to visualize how many outbound clicks they are getting from these ads to other mediums.

Pinterest is Increasing App Discovery with App Pins

Pinterest made a power move this past week, piquing the interest of those looking for added ways to raise awareness for their apps on the retailer-friendly social sharing platform. With the introduction of Pinterest App Pins, advertisers can now put an added emphasis on app discovery on the Pinterest platform.

Pinterest oftentimes finds their user’s searching for inspiration, perhaps the perfect moment to experiment with during your next user acquisition campaign. With App Pins, advertisers have another great, well-targeted platform to supplement their user acquisition campaign with.

Facebook Is Experimenting With Monetizing Instant Articles

In a recent blog post, Facebook product marketer, Ben Peskoe, highlighted a new ad format that is currently being tested. As Facebook continues to double down on Instant Articles, we can only expect them to explore ways to optimize the promising channel.

This particular test, as Peskoe indicates, is targeting the bottom section of Instant Articles where Facebook looks to redirect users to related articles. This is where they’ve identified a key opportunity to target user’s with additional paid content.

Google Adwords Announced Enhancements to Store Visits Tracking

Finally, Google Adwords also made a move towards enhancing their store visits tracking, making it available to potentially thousands more advertisers. The holy grail for most eCommerce brands with brick-and-mortar locations is being able to drive as much in-store attribution as possible from online ads. What was previously limited to just a few customers that had several physical locations, and were also doing large media buying through the platform, advances in Google’s technology is reportedly allowing for a broadened scope without sacrificing tracking quality.