Refreshing Our Brand
Prolific Interactive

Refreshing Our Brand

Prolific Interactive

Over the last six months, Prolific’s design team has been working hard on a brand refresh that would better represent the Prolific we’ve grown to be, while maintaining the spirit of where we started.

Establishing Core Values

Before we dug into a new look and feel, we established values that felt true to our company culture and articulated the things that we believe in. These five core values served as a guiding force throughout the branding process.

  • People First
  • Be Real
  • Don’t Settle
  • Pass the Ball
  • Sharpen Your Tools

Tone of Voice

Next, we explored how to communicate these values visually. We aimed for a tone of voice that was honest, positive, and approachable, with a hint of irreverence.



We established a more vibrant Prolific blue to convey the energy we bring to our work, and paired it with a bright family of accent colors and functional grays.



We talked a lot about the logo. How far should we stray from our original mark? We finally settled on this new P, which follows an infinity symbol and rests on a golden ratio grid. While subtle, this was a great way to refine our existing logomark without taking a complete departure from our roots. Here’s a sneak peek at how we approached its redesign.



Graphik is our main typeface. It’s no-nonsense, geometric, versatile and speaks to our culture of honesty and transparency.

Founders Grotesk

We chose Founders Grotesk because it worked well as a display typeface — bold but fun.

Both Founders Grotesk and Graphik convey open, humanist qualities with subtle, quirky details that we felt represented our brand well.

Freight Text Pro

Freight Text Pro is our serif of choice, a sophisticated typeface with beautiful texture and playful italics.



We created a fresh new set of icons. Yes, we just had to include pizza.


As a human-centered agency, we felt it necessary to develop a subset of hand gestures. We communicate and connect through gestures; we wave, shake hands, hold hands, give high fives. We’re hands-on and we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty.


Design is a team effort. Special thanks to everyone who made it possible.