How To Sync Your iOS App and Website Passwords with AutoFill
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How To Sync Your iOS App and Website Passwords with AutoFill

Prolific Interactive

If you’re an iOS user who’s been annoyed at having to think up yet another password, even when you’ve already made an account on a company’s website, you’re not alone. Especially when you have to think of something easy enough to type on the little phone keyboard without messing up!

Now, relief is coming! You don’t have to type in the same insecure password (your cat’s name, perhaps?) for every single app, and you don’t have to remember a monstrosity of symbols and numbers.

A “Passwordus gobbledygookus” specimen found in the wild.

If you’re a developer building an app in iOS 8, you can now easily allow your users to:

  1. Save app passwords using Safari AutoFill
  2. Share and synchronize passwords between your website and your app
  3. Generate secure passwords

Even on the very first time a user opens your app, they will see a pop-up, offering suggested account info, if they have used your website before.

The full tutorial, featured on, will show you how to implement these capabilities in your app. You can follow along using a sample project that contains Swift, HTML, and Python code.

On the surface level, AutoFill might seem like a “nice-to-have” whose greatest benefit is saving your users some inconvenient typing. But in reality, this is about security. Every time one of your users settles for an unsafe password, a roving hacker rejoices and an adorable kitten sheds a little tear. It’s your responsibility as a developer to do what you can to help your users stay secure and keep the kittens happy. Especially when it’s this easy!